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Episode 10 - The Evolution of Triple B with Brian Kusko

Episode Summary

This week we are joined by our great friend Brian Kusko of Triple B Tv. Brian has literally built his reptile and youtube empire from the ground up and I have seen the evolution of his snake rooms over time so we are here to discuss such growth! We also have plenty of wonderful stories and laughs sprinkled throughout this very fun episode!

Episode Notes

Tonight’s guest: Brian Kusko of Triple B TV

Triple B Tv on Youtube:

Brian’s Personal Vlog Channel:

Brian Kusko on Instagram: @briankusko

Triple B TV Website:

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Andy Riley catch up banter

Lead into our topic and guest speaker

Welcome Brian

New space:

New Guest Closing Questions:

  1. Who do you look up to most in the reptile world? (not Andy Rea…...Kevin McCurley, Brian Barczyk, people sticking to/in love with one certain species, Lawrence Kenchington, aussie kid reptile song writer, Brian Gundy, Dav Kaufman) 
  2. What is your holy grail reptile to keep? (once indigos, now boeleni for snakes, but komodos!)
  3. If you could devote an entire bedroom to one species to build a massive vivarium, what would you keep and design? (retic room, waterfall, jungle vines, open ceiling option, swimming pool, rainforest)
  4. If you could go back in time to a younger you right before you got into reptiles, what wisdom would you impart upon your younger self? (start with a female! Not Carl (hypo pinstripe))
  5. If you could pass on one piece of advice to the listeners about keeping snakes/reptiles, what would it be? (just in case, get a female)